Privateers in the War of 1812

This lesson will focus on the role of Nova Scotia’s privateers during the War of 1812. Students will conduct research about privateers and then complete a journal assignment. They will write from the perspective of a captain or sailor on a privateering vessel. The entries should describe a series of events including leaving port, engaging a vessel from the United States of America, the conflict and returning to port with the captured ship and its cargo.

Essential Element#2:  Places and Regions

  • World political regions

Essential Element #4:  Human Systems

  • Regional development in Canada and the world
  • Territorial dispute and conflict

Geographic Skill #2:  Acquiring Geographic Information

  • Use a variety of research skills to locate and collect geographic data.

Geographic Skill #3:  Organizing Geographic Information

  • Integrate various types of materials to organize geographic information.

Geographic Skill #4:  Analyzing Geographic Information

  • Interpret and synthesize information obtained from a variety of sources – graphs, charts, tables, diagrams, texts, photographs, documents and interview