The War of 1812: Fortress Prince Edward Island

In this lesson, student groups investigate different forts. From their research they will generate a description and a list of items that the students want to include in a fictional ‘Fortress PEI’.  Next, they will design a fort by creating a ‘blueprint’ of their group’s fort. They will choose a site and design a fort to be built on Prince Edward Island. The students will then compare and contrast their forts.
  • Forts During the War of 1812 and Web Links (attached)
  • Fortress PEI Footprint Assignment (attached)
  • Graph paper
  • Access to a computer lab, LCD Projector, white board and internet access


Americans and British Face off in War 1812

The Battle of Fort George

Canadian Atlas Online War of 1812 theme

Parks Canada

The Canadian Encyclopedia

Information about forts (designs and/or maps):

Index of Forts of the War of 1812

Defence of Canada 3D