The War of 1812: Fortress Prince Edward Island

In this lesson, student groups investigate different forts. From their research they will generate a description and a list of items that the students want to include in a fictional ‘Fortress PEI’.  Next, they will design a fort by creating a ‘blueprint’ of their group’s fort. They will choose a site and design a fort to be built on Prince Edward Island. The students will then compare and contrast their forts.

Essential Element #2:  Places and Regions

  • World political regions

Essential Element #4:  Human Systems

  • Regional development in Canada and the world
  • Territorial dispute and conflict

Geographic Skill #2:  Acquiring Geographic Information

  • Use a variety of research skills to locate and collect geographic data.

Geographic Skill #3:  Organizing Geographic Information

  • Integrate various types of materials to organize geographic information.

Geographic Skill #4:  Analyzing Geographic Information

  • Interpret and synthesize information obtained from a variety of sources – graphs, charts, tables, diagrams, texts, photographs, documents and interviews.