The War of 1812: Shaping Canadian Identity

Students will assume the role of a member of a local historical society that has been asked to approve a list of important historical events for inclusion in an upcoming commemorative series of stamps/coins. Further research must be conducted in order to provide an informed opinion about whether the War of 1812 should be included in the list. Students must determine causes of the war, important people, key locations, impacts of the conflict and how the war has shaped Canadian identity in order to make their recommendation.

Essential Element #2: Places and Regions

  • Physical and human characteristics of places and regions in Canada and the world
  • Factors that influence people’s perception of places and regions
  • Changes in places and regions over time
  • World political regions

Essential Element #4: Human Systems

  • Territorial dispute and conflict

Essential Element #5: The Uses of Geography

  • Effects of physical and human geographic factors on major historical events

Geographic Skill #2:  Acquiring geographic information

  • Use a variety of research skills to locate and collect geographic data.
  • Use maps to collect and/or compile geographic information.